The Top 10 Best Full-Frame DSLR Cameras on Earth

DSLR cameras are one of the most popular digital camera solutions for not only photographers who are serious about their work but those who want premium-quality video clips as well. We’ve been doing a lot of work when it comes to these types of cameras, however today enter a new and advanced category: the best full-frame DSLR cameras. A full-frame DSLR camera is for those who are serious about their images and videos — semi-pro and professional the like. Since there are so many out there to check out, we wanted to research the top 10 best and help you out when it comes to finding the camera for you.


Canon EOS 6D

One of the best full-frame DSLR camera in the market


To start off our list, we went with one of the best all-around options for those concerned with finding a decently priced (is that OK to call any full-frame for that matter?) model with some amazing specs and numbers attached to it. The Canon EOS 6D is considered by a lot to be one of the best full-frame DSLR camera models if you are looking for some super clear, sharp photos in a variety of conditions. It has a powerful 20.2 MP CMOS Sensor with an extensive ISO range (from 100 to 25600). The camera can be adjusted to L: 50, H1: 51200 and H2: 102400, which will enable you to create solid photos even when there is very little light for darker environments. Its unique DIGIC 5+ processor is pretty famous at this point, and the impressive focusing is achieved thanks to the 11-point AF with a very precise center AF point cross-type that comes with EV -3 sensitivity. In terms of filming some clips aside from your photography, the camera comes with full HD video that gives the user the ability to take multiple frames at different rates. There is also built-in Wi-Fi for instant online sharing of photos and videos. It isn’t a monster or can be considered ‘professional’ by the “experts”, but it gets the job done and will really set your photos apart from those using traditional cameras. The Canon EOS 6D however isn’t the most expensive of this bunch at all, so as compared to other popular full-frame DSLR cameras, you’ll be saving some money on top of it. If it’s too low in price and features, keep reading.

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