8 Landscape Photography tips for Beginners

When I went to Switzerland, the landscapes were truly the most amazing ones I’ve never seen! (If you’ve seen better, please, let me know where in the comments so I can add it to my bucket list!) However, when photographing the “whole lot” it didn’t really do it justice. There was too many things to see and nothing to guide the eye. So here are a 8 Tips for Landscape Photography that will make your holidays pic really stand out.

 Guide the eye.


In Landscape Photography, sometimes there is lot to see and it’s important to “compose” your shot. Try to get a path or a structure in the picture that will lead the eye towards these amazing peaks.


Ok it was super easy with that Randa bridge but you might not have one nearby all the time.

You can also use plans: on the picture below, the eye can look at the first plan, then being transported to these second plan mountains.


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