8 Landscape Photography Tips for Beginners

You never know when you’ll stumble on to a must shoot scene, a key to being a successful photographer is preparation. Most of the time you have a really small window ranging from 15 minutes down to split seconds. A scene that takes your breath away in real time may be ‘meh’ on your computer when you go to plug in that memory card. Capturing the perfect moment takes practice, lots of it, but with a few landscape photography tips and tricks, you can capture those beautiful moments forever!

1. The Right Light (Golden Hour)

Landscape in Golden Hour

There are basically two hours in the day mother nature gives us great lighting to take pictures, many of us call this ‘Golden Hour’, which is early in the morning and late in the afternoon or early evening. While there are ways to overcome poor light, the easiest option is to take advantage of the golden times. A bright sunny day will create lots of contrast in a landscape, with bright highlights and deep shadows. When the weather is cloudy, there may not be a perfect time to shoot since clouds filter out the sunlight for soft, even light.

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