6 Best Backpacking Water Filters of 2018

SteriPen Ultra

steripen ultra.jpeg

WEIGHT: 4.8 oz

PROS: Lightweight, very convenient, fast, neutralizes viruses

CONS: Expensive, battery powered, won’t work in murky water

We love the convenience and speed of theSteriPen Ultra UV light purifier. When paired with a small-mouth, 1L plastic bottle (ex: Smartwater), the Ultra is just about the fastest and easiest water treatment method we’ve ever used. Simply place the Ultra in your water bottle, flip it upside down, gently agitate for 90 seconds, and you’ve got a clean liter of water. We don’t love that the Ultra is battery powered, but we’ve grown to trust it over time. We can purify about 5 days of water for 2 people (50+ liters) with the Ultra’s rechargeable internal battery. The biggest downside with UV treatments is that they don’t work in murky water, so we always carry backup pills and a pre-filter (ex: pantyhose) just in case.

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