Tips for Using Flash to Enhance Outdoor Nature and Landscape Photography

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“Now we’re talking”, I muttered. A warm beam of light crossed the rocky foreground to light up the tree. Never mind that the actual sunlight disappeared 45 minutes before, I could re-create it with a little artificial light trickery. A few adjustments to the flash’s positioning and brightness, and I had my keeper shot. Finally, I could go home.

Using Flash Outdoors

For most photographers, flash is relegated to the studio, and if used outside it is usually restricted to portraiture. But there is so much more potential for artificial light. Landscape and wildlife photography can often benefit from a little flash, and with some creativity, it can bring out the best in your images. Here are a few tips to help you get using flash for your outdoor nature and landscape photography.

To get started, you’ll need a few things in your bag:

  • At least one flash
  • Some kind of remote trigger (I use cheap and simple wireless triggers I found on Amazon for a few bucks)
  • A selection of multi-colored gels
  • A flash stand or assistant
  • For night photography, a strong headlamp or hand-held flashlight is a good addition to the kit

A windmill stands in the garden of the Finca Santa Anita in Salta Province, Argentina.A windmill stands in the garden of the Finca Santa Anita in Salta Province, Argentina.

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