7 Easy Tactics for Better Coastal Landscape Photography

Coastal landscapes can be an incredibly satisfying subject for landscape photographers and can result in some stunning images. Besides abiding by the general guidelines for landscape photography, here are a few other things you might like to think about next time you’re down by the coast with your camera.


1. Get There at the Right Time

While coastal landscape photography can be done at any time of the day or night, most photographers who are consistently getting great results will favour golden hour or blue hour as their favourite times to shoot. Getting there around these times allows you to capture stunning changing lighting conditions. Get used to shooting from before sunrise or until after sunset.

2. Get an ND Grad Filter

The secret sauce of coastal landscapes that are shot around golden and blue hours is an ND grad filter – a weapon of choice for a lot of landscape photographers. This simply makes it a lot easier to get a correct exposure on your skies (which basically act as a huge and bright light source) at the same time as the fore and mid-ground which can often be in shadow at the same time.

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