5 Simple Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

I’ll tell you a secret…well, it’s probably not at all a secret to anyone who has ever visited my house…but, I have a black thumb. I am awful at gardening and even kill succulents, which everyone says is impossible to do. truth be told, I don’t put in a lot of effort either. Mostly, I try to make sure my yard looks like someone lives there and the house isn’t abandoned. It’s that bad.

So if you came here to have professional gardens and landscaping, you came to the wrong place. But are you interested in giving the least amount of effort and doing JUST ENOUGH to have an okay yard? Well then YOU are in luck, because I am your girl. I’ll help you get your yard to a less shameful place in under 20 minutes!

Trim Hedges and Grasses

But, this past weekend we had a big family gathering at our house and I was feeling a bit self-conscious that our yard looks soooo bad. There’s this one plant by our mailbox (I don’t even know its name) that has been so neglected that it looks a bit moldy. ewwwww.

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