Where are the world’s best surf beaches?

The search for the perfect wave has gripped surfers for more than half a century now.

Pioneering board riders traveled to once-empty beaches in Hawaii, Bali and, in Australia, commenced a northerly migration pattern to Byron Bay.

Although those beaches have become tourism hotspots, the waves are still there.

And that saltwater-soaked conversation still takes place. Which country has the best breaks? South Africa? Portugal? The United States?

Actually, according to the experts, that crown belongs to Australia.

The Global Wave Conference in France this week brought together scientists, legislators, environmentalists and surfers and gave the ancient island’s 10,000-plus beaches the nod.

Seal of approval

Four-time Aussie world surfing champ, Mark Richards, told The Daily Telegraph Australia was blessed with waves for all.

“Except for the Northern Territory — and even there they surf in Darwin when cyclones make waves — every state has just so many waves,” Richards said.

“There is something for everyone on our coast. You can be a raw beginner and easily find non-threatening warm little waves or you can challenge yourself to big, gnarly, thick-lipped cold slabs of water.

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