The 10 Best Surfing Destinations of 2018


The Iberian Peninsula is blessed with a friendly climate – the weather is warm and pleasant all year round and dry during winter months. If you’re looking to get the best out of your surfing trip to Spain, then the Atlantic coastline is where you want to be. The Bay of Biscay sends consistent swells towards the coast of the Basque Country in Northern Spain, but the spots towards the south don’t fall too short either.

It is possible to surf in Spain all year round. Summer is the best time for beginner surfers, as the water is warm and the waves are gentle enough to learn and polish your skills. However, the best conditions can be found between September and April, when the ocean becomes restless.

The Andalusia region in Southern Spain is famous for its strong winds. This is the capital of windsurfing and kitesurfing in Spain, home to Tarifa and Cadiz, two of the best wind spots in Europe. Winds are strong throughout the year, but prime season is between May and October.

In the Basque Country, Playa de Somo, Roca Puta, Sopelana, Zarautz, Meñakozand Mundaka are the best waves in Spain. The Cantabria and Asturias regions are home to some of the best beach breaks in Europe, such as El Brusco, the Spanish cousin of Portugal’s Supertubos.

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