10 Best Hikes in Europe – The Definitive Guide

Despite the continent being relatively overpopulated, there are many diverse and pristine areas. Views of idyllic landscapes, snow covered mountain spires, grassy fields and hospitable villages, make hikes in Europe ever more rewarding!

Moreover, most hikes in Europe are not just nature walks, one can not hide away from the local culture and heritage. Many of the trails themselves are intertwined with rich traditions and history. For instance many are relics of the old Roman ways or Christian pilgrimages, while others mark historical battlefields or link strategically important locations for many centuries of European military, economic, political and cultural history.

Tour du Mont Blanc


  • Distance: 110 miles (170 km)
  • Countries Visited: France, Italy and Switzerland
  • Number of days: 11
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult (depending on the level of fitness)
  • Accommodation: Resorts, Hostels, Mountain Huts

Flowing over the peaks and valleys of the Western Alps through the stunning landscapes of France, Italy and Switzerland, The Tour du Mont Blanc definitely deserves the crown as one the best hikes in Europe and in the world. And not only because it provides the finest views of the tallest mountain in the region!

Although physically challenging, it allows you to experience the most picturesque parts of the continent in less than 2 weeks. The hike will take you all the way from Chamonix in southeastern France and through several famous villages like Courmayeur in Northern Italy.

However, the hike’s 11-day-durarion allows for route customisation – usually an anti-clockwise trek around the whole Mount Blanc Massif, it provides plenty of route variations to satisfy even the pickiest hikers.

And as if this wasn’t enough, the Tour du Mont Blanc offers a treat with its accommodation options, varying from boutique hostels and luxury ski resorts to rustic mountain huts.

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