9 Tips For Stunning Landscape Photography


2. The Basic rules

The only rule I tend to try and follow is the “rule of thirds.  I nearly always find that placing a subject close to the third intersections, works well, even better if you can get a near and far focus point in diagonal corners of the thirds (See “Old Red and The Lighthouse” image below) but I will say a bit more about composition in section 5.

Location: Landwynne Island, Anglesey, North Wales UK
Camera: Nikon D700, Lens Nikkor: 50mm F1.4G, Time: 18.46, 3rd April 2010, Format: JPEG, ISO: 200, Exposure: 1/125 sec, F Stop: 16.0, Metering: Matrix, Aperture Priority, Hand Held



3. Timing (choosing the right time to take photographs)

Without doubt, early morning late evening is the very best times to take photographs, the light is much more forgiving, and can be much more dramatic, so be prepared to stay up late or get up early and sometimes both!. That’s not to say that you can’t take photographs in the bright mid-day sun, you can! But it’s far more difficult to achieve good results and I usually tend to avoid these times of day.

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