9 Tips For Stunning Landscape Photography

I started taking photographs just 3 years ago. I was your typical “finger over the lens, cut the subjects head off, fumbling photography buffoon  until a friend of mine showed me some of his images; and I was that inspired, I had to try it for myself. Then I got the bug, the photography infection set in, and I’ve since enjoyed every minute of it. These days I take some, what I would consider “decent photographs , and I’m very pleased to pass on the little bits of knowledge that I have gained (sometimes the hard way) over the last few years, so that you can do likewise. The following is an overview of what can be a very in-depth and sometimes complex subject.

1. Basic Equipment

There are whole books on cameras and lenses, but I’m going to keep it simple. Choose the best you can afford, but don’t be tempted to buy a really expensive camera and then fit it with a very average lens. The results will be ¦.well ¦very average. Better to buy an average camera with a first rate lens, as the lens is the bit that does the most important work. I can personally recommend the Sigma 10-20mm and the Nikkor 16-35mm . Both are brilliant wide angle landscape lenses.


You will also need the following: a good sturdy tripod (carry it in the car, never leave home without it), a cable release, a carrying case that will protect your gear, a grad filter and a UV filter, lens cleaning cloth, a pair of wellies, waterproof trousers and jacket and a good road atlas or better still, an ordinance survey map of the area you intend to visit. Oh and don’t forget your packed lunch. Photography can be hungry work and the chances are you will end up miles away from anywhere that sells food.

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