10 Hiking Tips to Always Keep in Mind

The outdoors is a beautiful place, wild and open for all to explore. We go there to seek adventure and get our blood pumping, or just to relax and breathe in the fresh air. Either way, nature always has something great to offer us. However, don’t forget the following hiking tips while gallivanting across our beautiful Earth!


1. Familiarize yourself with the wildlife demographic of the area

Wild animals are exactly that – wild. Do not try and interact with them, and always steer clear! Bears are especially dangerous, so always carry bear spray on you and try and hike in bigger groups. Even animals that seem non-threatening and slow will have surprising agility, like big bumbling bisons. Never underestimate the power of natural selection and nature. More people have been hurt by bisons than bears. Baby animals always look adorable, but remember that their mothers are probably somewhere in the vicinity and will be protective of their young. Always keep a distance and know that you are now in their territory, and out there it’s a dog eat dog world.

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